Atomic Spectroscopy

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Our goal here at Buck Scientific is to make instruments that are easy to use, and maintain for many years, at minimal expense.  We take a hands on approach to customer service by answering our own phones.  You can talk to the engineer who assembled your instrument, for quick and friendly support.  Call us today with your AA questions 800-562-5566.

  • Stable, Reliable, & Easy to use. 
  • 3 lamp power supply, (1 internal 2 external)
  • Great for samples with low dissolved solids
  • Compact size and lightweight 39"L x 11"W x 12"H; 50 lbs
  • Rugged military grade design stands up to years of abuse.
  • D2 Background correction can be added for an extra $1,000 dollars.
  • Free Buck Analyst Software
  • Low cost consumables and maintenance
  • Made in the USA
  • Leasing options available for domestic customers

Standard Features

The 205 is shipped ready for use. All operating conditions are pre-loaded in the internal computer, including lamp settings, secondary wavelengths, and alternate methods of analysis for over 60 elements by flame and hydride techniques.

Direct report generation to a printer or data linking to the free Buck Analyst software* package is easily done using the parallel and RS-232 serial ports.

*Buck Analyst Software links at bottom of page

Analytical Performance

The Buck 205 is a high energy, microprocessor controlled single beam atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Solid state electronics and simple optics provide the basis for our superior stability and sensitivity. The Ebert mount monochromator and user-selectable bandwidth give the system maximum flexibility. Our short-path dynamic nebulizer/burner configuration is highly efficient. An inert needle, precisely positioned in a high flow venturi, delivers sample to the corrosion proof impact bead. This results in a tremendously high nebulization effect for all types of sample matrices.

The AA-7000 series of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers features high-sensitivity analysis, flexible system configuration, and a compact footprint for user-friendly operation. In addition, the AA-7000 systems are the first AAs to employ a vibration sensor as standard. The AA-7000 series ensures efficient and comfortable operation in your laboratory.

The AA-7000 Series incorporates newly developed 3D double-beam optics. The optical system has been designed to produce its maximum performance for each measurement method through optimal adjustment of the light beam and light beam digital filter, and by using optical components that restrict light losses.

US$ 135.715US$ 135.715


contrAA® 800 F is the compact High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and hydride technique. It provides fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis using flame technique in a flexible working range, from traces up to high concentrations. Coupling with the hydride technique enables the determination of hydride-forming elements, such as antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, or tin.

For more information about the High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS technique please visit the contrAA® series page.

contrAA® 800 F — Your Benefits:

  • Just one light source for all elements – each element and each line can be measured at any time
  • Unique simultaneous background correction
  • Fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Rapid readiness for measurement
  • Easy to operate and robust